Tour news! 2-5-08
Wow...first of, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has come to our shows so far in Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon. Also, a HUGE thank you to Stephen Wells from recording expert for all the help and equipment tips. Every show as been beyond incredible and I must say that Washington has grown as big for us as Idaho, Montana, or Arizona. It's another place we've dubbed "home" on our tour route.

The EP is still available for sale on our online store here on the site...we've got a handful left, so get one while they're still up.

Next stop on the tour is Redding, CA. Come check us out if you haven't yet!
See you all soon...


Leaders of Decay EP
Our new four track EP titled "Leaders of Decay" is coming along very nicely. This one is going to be released a little differently...we'll be making only 200 hard copies, meaning, when we run out, we're out. Each one will be autographed by all of us. We'll be posting the presale link around January 10th. It will also be distributed digitally (iTunes, Napster, etc), so you'll be able to get it that way when the others sell out. We'll be releasing our new single also titled "Leaders of Decay" to radio and on myspace at the very beginning of January...yes, in about six days. We'll also be posting the acoustic rock song we've been working on...sit's coming! Tell your friends about it. Get them to come to the site(s) and to shows, and to tell their friends about it! The more people who get behind us, the more we can do for you in return (bigger/better shows, more music, more production time, music videos, etc). Every dollar goes back into this band and what we do.


Don't forget, if you're in Arizona over New Years, tune into MTV and catch our interview and performance of "Something Special" around 11pm! From what we've heard from our friends at MTV, it looks incredible...

It's the end of the year for us...
Wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of our loving fans, friends, and family. We made a HUGE climb this year and know that next year will be ten times more, and a big part of that is you guys. Thank you!!

To let you know our plans for the rest of the year:
We'll be going into the studio to track a new EP that will be out early next year. We'll announce more in January as well as put up new tour dates for 2008! Keep an eye stuff coming everywhere!

Don't stop coming to our page to say hello to us. We love that!
Everyone have a very safe and happy holidays!


Tour Dates

So we've been "on the road" for 2 weeks as of today. A lot of it has been promoting and booking while we're here in person in between show dates. Everyone we've met so far is beyond incredible and we hope to continue meeting such awesome fans/friends. More show dates to come, check our "tour" section to see upcoming shows we have for Oregon, Washington, California, and Phoenix.

Even though we're not updating this every day, please continue to check back!

New shows
Here are the upcoming shows we've got...we're hoping to see all the faces we know as well as lots of new ones at these shows...We were just added to the Santa Fe Muzik Fest with Everclear, Blue October, War, Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, etc.

August 11th, 2007 - Atomic Cantina - Albuquerque, NM
August 12th, 2007 - Santa Fe Muzik Fest - Santa Fe, NM
August 24th, 2007 - The Clubhouse w/Cold Fusion - Tempe, AZ
September 7th, 2007 - The Tropics (headlining) w/The Unread - Idaho Falls, ID
September 8th, 2007 - The Bouquet - Boise, ID
September 22nd, 2007 - The Black Forest - Eugene, OR
November 17th, 2007 - G St Pub - Davis, CA

We will update the dates as new ones come. We will also be posting all the dates on our Myspace Page. If you haven't 'demanded' us yet, please do by clicking the 'demand' button below:

We'll be posting pictures from the last two shows in California up later this week. Thanks to everyone who showed up to those and to anyone new...they were great!

New videos and awesome shows
Sidney, Montana and Idaho Falls, Idaho...Thank you so much for showing so much love to us while we were up there. We'll be back soon! Below are links to some live video some fans recorded (Thanks Thomas and Kelli, you rock!)

56 Blank
Drum Solo

Something Special

Enjoy! :D

We're playing the Marquee on July 14th, if anyone is interested in coming/hanging out!

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